Letting go for the things worth holding on.
"I was thinking how amazing it was that the world contained so many lives. Out in these streets people were embroiled in a thousand different matters, money problems, love problems, school problems. People were falling in love, getting married, going to drug rehab, learning how to ice-skate, getting bifocals, studying for exams, trying on clothes, getting their hair-cut and getting born. And in some houses people were getting old and sick and were dying, leaving others to grieve. It was happening all the time, unnoticed, and it was the thing that really mattered — Jeffrey Eugenides"

we`ll never be we`re again..

"All it takes is three simple words to explain a complicated relationship. I love you."
— Micheal Faudet
2 Cor. 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old one has gone the new one has come.

Deeply and madly in love with this Drama.

Deeply and madly in love with this Drama.

"I found it hard to be in love. That’s only because I didn’t want to fall in love. I refused to lower my walls down. i was too afraid of getting hurt. Once you open yourself up to someone, there’s a change things won’t go the way you intended, and you will be left broken. I wasn’t ready to feel empty, not just yet."

To love is to risk,
Getting hurt is a possiblity,
And it will be my responsibility.